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Other than Welsh Lava Bread this is as far as i know the only Company that harvests seaweed for food and other uses in the UK and Ireland

Many different types are available for different tastes.

Well worth a try!



Wild Irish Sea Veg offers edible seaweed sustainably hand harvested, air and sun dried and hand packaged to ensure only the best quality seaweed reaches you.

Our range of edible seaweed covers Dillisk, Carrageen (Irish moss), Kombu, Sugar Kelp, Atlantic Wakame (Alaria), Nori (laver), Bladderwrack, Sea Spaghetti and Spirulina.

We also offer Fucus serratus bath


About Us

Founded in 2009 Wild Irish Sea Veg is a family run company located in Caherush, West Clare, between Loop Head 10 in the South and the Cliffs of Moher in the North. The finest quality sea vegetables are harvested from the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Established by Gerard and Eileen Talty, the family has vast experience in the seaweed industry going back many years. Gerard’s dad Michael Snr was a purchaser for Irish marine products in the early 1960s through to the 1980’s. All seaweeds used by the company are 100%, hand harvested, air and sun dried to ensure the finest quality sea vegetables make it to the marketplace.

The company is very much family orientated. Gerard and Eileen are ably assisted by daughters Orla, Emma and Allisha along with son Evan. Michael Snr can be regularly called upon to give some much needed expertise.

The company began in 2009 with just two products Dillisk and Carrageen. Today there are over fifteen in the range: from the well-established and ever popular Dillisk, to the delicious Atlantic Wakame; but also the sumptuous Sugar Kelp and the energetic Kombu. Sushi lovers will appreciate the quality Nori and the pasta lover can indulge in some Sea Spaghetti. A fusion of all the different sea taste can be experienced with Sea Salad and to top it all, the much sought Carrageen can be found in many desserts and is widely recognised for its treatment of colds.

Our products are now stocked nationwide in your local health food shops thanks to our powerful distribution network. The Talty family can be seen manning the tent at many farmers markets, fairs and shows nationwide.

Our products have also been used at the Rude Health Show in the RDS by seaweed expert and author of the “Irish Seaweed Kitchen”, Dr. Prannie Rhattigan.

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