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The UK produces large quantities of plants and food grown in unrecognised nurseries throughout England, Wales Scotland and Ireland.

This website is designed to be the main resource to find them and their products.

(If you wish to go to a different country click on the map on the top right and then click on the country)


If you want to find a certain plant, fruit, vegetable or unusual plant then you can find a source local to you.

You can also search by online shop to order directly from the grower.

Most supermarkets make growers and producers anonymous but here you can enter the name found in small print on the packaging and find out more.

You can find information about the grower or producer,his ethics, where it was grown and how far it has been transported and lots more.

The website also has a database of restaurants, events and enterprises that use a grown item in their product and is also easily searchable.

So if you want to find who grew the apple, the tree, the packet of seeds, the wooden box or even the Christmas tree in the supermarket use the search feature on the relevant pages.

We include, garden centres, farmers markets and events and just about everything about Grown in England products


Most listings have further information about the grower, restaurant, enterprise and event by clicking on the name or picture.

A Black * means just a heading listing

Future Developments

We are constantly expanding the list of events and restaurants that use local produce and which are vegetarian, vegan or dairy free etc.

We are adding a new grower or enterprise virtually daily.

Have a browse and if you have any comments or more people to add we would love to hear from you.

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